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Character Name: Yukimura Sanada
Age: 40
Species: Human
Canon: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Canon Point: post canon
Character Info: wikia, wikipedia, yuki on mal
Personality: Yukimura is a sexual deviant. Well, not really, but he does love things like sex and physical contact. He's very loving and likes to show it by touching people at the most inappropriate times, to the grief of some of his subordinates. He will keep his hands off underage people (15, in his time period), but men and women above 17 are all potential candidates for flirting with. He does like good looking people but he also has a preference for guys with muscles or funny people that can make him laugh. Honestly though, he’s not that picky, he can still go for any kind of person.

Most of the time, he's unable to stay serious. He loves to drink, and he loves to fool around. He's the biggest joker of a big canon with many characters, and has the ability to annoy people pretty easily, most of all when he puts his mind to being childish. But he’s incredibly cheerful, having decided not to think too much of that past, because that will only hurt, and he doesn’t like feeling depressed or sad. He also doesn’t like seeing others unhappy, and acting stupid is one way to help people pull out of their moping, even if it means that they try to hit him in the face or cut him with a sword. He’ll just dance to the side and avoid any blows.

He’s actually really smart though you would not be able to tell most of the time, since he loves joking around so much. But he’s actually a genius general that is feared by the most powerful man in Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Ieyasu made sure Yukimura was sent into exile on Mt. Kudo to get him out of the way, but Yukimura being Yukimura and unable to be still in one place and even more unable to listen to what people tells him to do, goes wandering off all over the country without worrying about the consequences, like assassins. He’s really strong, anyway, and is an extremely skilled swordsman, being one of the most reknowned samurai, and doesn’t even have to get serious most of the time. But he does love to fight agaisnt strong opponents because in a fight, he likes to take it seriously from time to time. Weak opponents are just not as interesting to fight, and most people tend to be weaker than him. He’s not the type to brag or gloat about it though, and he doesn’t kick those who are down.

Unless they hurt someone that he really loves. Those he loves the most are his "Ten Braves", his servants that are his family and even closer to him than his father and his brother. He would do anything to keep them safe and to protect them. He would even turn the whole country, no, the whole world, against him, if it meant that his beloved Braves would be safe. This, despite how they keep insisting that it’s them who are supposed to protect him and they who are the ones who should lay down their lives for him. He won’t listen to that, because they’re too important to him, and he does not want to lose any more people that he loves, like he lost Mizuki and the first Sasuke.

But he's also scared of getting in too deep with someone. Actual emotionally deep relationships is something he is wary of getting into, because when he was a teenager, he was deeply in love with a girl named Mizuki from his father's castle town, and she was killed when Tokugawa troops attacked them. He will always love her and he has sworn never to forget her.

He absolutely hates Tokugawa Ieyasu, the person currently controlling the country. Most of all because Ieyasu has caused the death of so many people that he cared about - in particular, he won’t ever forgive the killing of Mizuki. He also hates people who use others as pawns, more than he hates anything, and he will stop at nothing to stop someone who has done so. He is not exactly afraid of killing people, in fact, he has probably killed too many. He does not like needless slaughter though he does not regret fighting and killing to save the lives of others.

Genre Preferences: pop, rock, hip hop 
Choice Instrument: lead, guitar, piano, drums
Rockstar Persona: Yukimura is the type that you're likely to find causing yet another scandal about romance or adultery or such. He likes physical contact and making out with people, man or woman, pretty or not (he doesn't have high standards for a fuck) and it's not surpriseing to find him with an arm around some random person he picked up or who picked up him the night before. He doesn't stay with the same person for long, but keeps all numbers and remembers who is who in case he wants to hit them up. Romance isn't anything he's interested in, though, he's just looking for fun.

He doesn't talk much about his past, mostly because they don't need scandals from his past since he'll just cause new ones.
But he has five restraining orders filed against him by the husbands and wives to those that used to be his "sugar daddies/mommies" (3 husbands & 2 wives) from before he was 20, and he's been arrested for drug possession. He doesn't deal with drugs these days, but he does drink. Either way, the drug stories and the "sugar parent" deals has been covered up by his dad, who is an influental lawyer who wanted him to become a lawyer as well.
He has also been married twice, once when his dad tried to get him to cool his head and sharpen up, when he was 21, and a second time when he was 33. The first woman decided to file for divorce when she got tired of his cheating on them. He filed divorce on the second one - that he actually married for love and really tried to stay faithful to - when he found out that she was sleeping with his dad. He would have been able to forgive her if she had cheated with someone outside of his family, but not when it came to his father. He's been single since 34, and he has refused to talk to his dad ever since as well.
As for what he was up to when he wasn't sleeping around, he studied to become a lawyer according to his father's wishes, but at 23 he decided to drop out of school and become a model instead. He was not supported by his tthen-wife. But he was a successful model, despite the scandals, until he got bored and decided to look into music as well. He intended to make it a side-thing, but ended up focusing on it a lot more.
He has a little bit of an alcohol problem, but doesn't see it as one. It's only other people who does. When he drinks a bit too much he can end up sleeping naked in the street or breaking into someones house to borrow a couch or a shower. It has resulted in him spending more than a few mights in the lock-up. Once, he even broke into a police station to take a nap in the highest officers office, which was not his best idea, even if he's still laughing about his own stupidity. Calling himself a moron is not uncommon, he knows he's a moron.
Ideal CR: Friendly, warm, people he can mess with and flirt with.

Writing Sample: link, link, link (and continuation from that one), link.


Drunken Vagrant - Sanada Saemonsuke Yukimura

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